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29 year old Soul/R&B/Christian Pop singer Dakota Brown, undoubtedly has a gift for singing. But it wasn’t until after a major car accident, where his passion for singing began. In the accident, the vehicle hit black ice, fishtailed violently, and hit an embankment where the car then barrel rolled upside down through the air. Brown’s left hand and fingers hit the windshield, and were crushed between the car and the road leaving it completely mangled, requiring three hand surgeries and extensive physical therapy. Soon after the accident, Brown discovered his absolute love for singing.

     “Something just clicked after that,” Brown states. “I suddenly knew that singing was what I was meant to do.” Already playing guitar prior to the wreck, the accident forced Brown to retrain and re-learn guitar opposite-handed after suffering severe injuries to his left hand. Soon after, Brown teamed up with local guitarist, Luke Basile. The two formed a duo and went on writing and performing in their small town of Pendleton, Oregon.

     After extensive duo work, the time came to assemble the band. In June of 2011, Dakota Brown Band recorded and released their EP titled “Find Your Way,” which proved to be a strong first release for the group. They proceeded to record with three-time Grammy nominated producer, Brook Floyd; where they released a second EP, recorded at Rainmaker Studios in Pasco, WA. The band then traveled to Hawaii to film a music video for their single, “How Far We Can Go,” which proved to be a great success. Brown and his mates continued to play throughout the Pacific Northwest for six years, one of their most notable shows being held at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, Oregon.

They have since parted ways to pursue their own artistic projects. Brown continues writing and performing music. His first single release as a solo artist just dropped on August 14th, 2020, called “Safe in His Hands.” It will be followed by his first Solo EP Titled, “Draw Near to Me,” set to release November 6th. The EP, produced by Producer/Songwriter/Worship Pastor Brandon Bee; invokes an original, soulful, and artistic sound that is guaranteed to inspire listeners.

     Today, Brown is launching his solo career to inspire others and give glory to God through his music; to share his story of perseverance and overcoming obstacles that will encourage others to chase their dreams. “Everyone longs for safety and freedom these days,” Brown stated. “The EP ‘Draw Near to Me’ is about where true safety, freedom, and hope can be found. It’s about discerning the truth, holding onto the promises of God, fighting the good fight. Even when we run away, He is there to receive us with open arms. Each song lyrically, is incredibly relevant today, it’s perfect timing. I’m certain these songs will uplift and inspire others. They’re filled with passion, truth, soul, my personal testimonies and experiences. The sound of the music is new and unique; which I think people will appreciate.”

     Brown’s music is something special; that will bring a fresh and new creative sound to the music scene, and a message of hope, promises, revival, assurance, and freedom in Christ. Look out for Brown’s soulful sound, as his EP “Draw Near to Me” drops November 6th.

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