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Dakota Brown is an up-and-coming R&B and Christian singer/songwriter based out of Washington, United States. Making music that is distinctly powerful, warm, and emotional, he is a rare and genuine artist who wants nothing more than to use music to uplift and inspire his listeners. Formerly the lead singer of the Dakota Brown Band, Dakota Brown has already made a name for himself as one of the most exciting new solo acts in the industry with his hit single Safe in His Hands (2020) as well as the highly acclaimed and deeply inspirational track Draw Near To Me (2020).

            Dakota Brown has always possessed natural vocal talents and an impressive ability to imitate the voices and styles of other artists. As a young adult, he was able to teach himself how to play guitar by ear. Despite these raw musical talents, Dakota Brown never really considered himself anything more than just a casual music lover. This all changed after he was involved in a traumatic car accident in January 2009, leaving his left hand severely and permanently injured. Searching to find meaning after the crash, Dakota Brown believes that the accident was his calling to begin embracing his talents and using them for the joy of others. During the long months of rehab that followed, he found himself driven to sing and write music. This required him to first learn how to play chords with his right hand and strum with his left-hand, a major challenge in itself.

As a result of these trials and triumphs, Dakota Brown is able to insert into his music a deep sense of personal pride and passion that is unmatched by most of today’s music. When combined with his already impressive vocal abilities, Dakota Brown’s music is able to convey a raw feeling of emotion and empowerment that will grab any listener.

            Currently, Dakota Brown is working to produce a series of music videos to accompany his debut EP, Draw Near to Me. He also hopes to continue developing his unique sound with additional singles released throughout 2021. As a passionate and inspirational artist, Dakota Brown is a must-listen for anyone who seeks comfort and shares a calling to higher purpose.

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